Monday, 25 February 2013

The Impact on Canadian Citizens During World War One

The Impact on Canadian Citizens During World War One

           Many Canadian citizens greatly supported World War One from the homefront. Women worked very hard to support the war. Some women enlisted as nurses and were sent overseas. Others began to work in factories that produced supplies during the war. Children collected scrap metal and other materials to help in the effort. Everyone worked together to support the war and this deeply impacted Canadian's at home.
         Canadian men were pressured heavily to enlist and fight in the war. Women were expected to work very hard in factories. Children were supposed to help take their fathers and brothers roles and support their family. This was very hard for many people to accept their new roles and say good by to loved ones. The amount of deaths during the war also affected Canadian citizens. 64, 976 Canadian soldiers died overseas during the war, this really impacted their families at home and the morale on the homefront. Many things changed in Canada from 1914-1918, women were allowed to vote, income tax was introduced and the conscription policy passed. Very many women were excited at the fact that they could finally vote. However a large majority of people were angry at the Canadian government for breaking their promises by adding income tax and conscription. There was a lot of mixed feelings about the war and its purpose during this time. Most French Canadians didn't support the war and many English Canadians did. This produced a lot of anger between these people which sometimes resulted in riots and fights. World War One also seriously damaged Canadas economy. Billions of dollars was spent to support the war and this affected many people at home. All of these new changes for Canada in this short time impacted many people on the homefront. Some people were outraged while others showed support and were excited with the new changes. World War One deeply impacted Canadian citizens and it helped shape Canada to who we are today.

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  1. Riley, you have given a lot of detail about events that impacted Canadians. In the future, be sure to explain how these events impacted Canadians and your thoughts about this.