Wednesday, 13 February 2013

multiculturalism: As a part of the Canadian Identity
This picture shows a whole bunch of hands, all of different skin colors, coming together to lift up a globe with a Canadian flag. I think this demonstrates how Canada welcomes people of all different races and nationalities into our country/society.  When people and families from other countries immigrate to Canada they are able to feel at home even though they're home was once miles and miles away. We Canadians give them a home away from home by welcoming everyone here with open arms.  Also this picture shows how in Canada everyone can work together, live together and learn together without being judged or discriminated.  Canada does not favor certain people for their nationality, but rather everyone is given the same opportunities to succeed.   By sharing our country with people all around the world and working together we demonstrate multiculturalism, equality, sharing, and kindness. I believe all of those qualities are a major part in just some of the Canadian Identity

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  1. Hi Abby,

    I really like the photo you selected to represent Canada. While I agree that it is true that Canada welcomes all people, I don't believe that all Canadians welcome everyone. There is evidence that discrimination still occurs, even in the year 2013.

    For future posts, please remember to include a title. Also, please go back and label this "Abby", as well as label all future posts "Abby". This is will make it easier for me to find your posts in the future.

    Mrs. Le