Thursday, 31 January 2013

Possible Blog Topics

Sometimes coming up with something to write about is the hardest part. Courtesy of Mrs. Unger, below is a list of possible blog topics.

Not specific to any one unit (you may not do two of these in a row)
- What was the most interesting this you learned this week?
- What would you like to learn more about?
- What have you learned about the Canadian identity?
- Choose a PM from the unit and explain how he shaped Canada’s identity.
- any paragraph or editorial type question from the text book on the topics we’ve covered.
- how independent is Canada at this point in its history?
- in what ways is Canada dependent (on whom) or independent at this point in history?

Unit 1
- Choose one of the battles and explain what it tells you about the Canadian identity.
- Which battle most impacted Canada’s identity?
- How did the war impact Canadian lives at home?
- What does the conscription crisis tell you about the Canadian identity?
- Why was the Khaki election fair, or unfair?
- How were Canadians changed by the war?
- How did PM Borden contribute to a Canadian identity?
- What do you think was the most significant change to Canadians’ social life in the 1920s?
- What was the most signficant long term cause of the depression?
- Describe Canada’s changing relationships with both the US and England.  Is this positive or negative?  Why?

Unit 2
- How did the Depression affect Canada’s sense of identity?
- Was the Allies’ use of an appeasement policy appropriate?
- Does appeasement work?  Why or Why not?
- In your opinion, was the Dieppe Raid a success or failure?
- How did Canadians on the homefront contribute to the war overseas?
- Comment on how PM King’s handling of conscription differed from PM Borden’s.  Which was better?  Why?
- Which mega-project do you think had the most significant impact on Canada?  Why?
- Explain why social safety net is significant to Canadian identity?
- Which aspect of social welfare that was introduced in this time period do you think is most important to Canadians?
- What were Canada’s responsibilities in the Cold War?  Did we live up to them?
- Discuss NATO, NORAD and the Warsaw pact - Do these help promote peace or conflict?
- Discuss “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”
- Should the Allies (US) have been held responsible for the devastation at Hiroshima and Nagasaki like the Germans were held responsible for the Holocaust?  Both crimes against humanity?
- Should the US have dropped the bomb on Japan?  Twice?
- Write about Remembrance Day.

Unit 3
- Choose one of the Prime Ministers from this unit and explain his vision for Canada.
- What was the most important contribution to Canada’s identity made by PM Diefenbaker?
- What was the most important contribution to Canada’s identity made by PM Pearson?
- What was the most important contribution to Canada’s identity made by PM Trudeau?
- Who had the most productive relationship with the United States?  Explain your choice.
- What is your opinion on Trudeau’s “Third Option”?
- What is your opinion on Diefenbaker’s cancellation of the AVRO Arrow project?
- Post your podcast as a blog entry.  If you can’t post the mp3 file, you can type your podcast.
- What images would best go with your thesis from your podcast?  Post 3-5 images and explain how they support your argument (the most dominant value in this time period).

Unit 4
- How did Mulroney differ from Trudeau?  Who was more successful? (define ‘successful’)
- question on page 310 “Do you agree with the evaluation of “Trudeau as Canada’s ‘top newsmaker of the century’ and ‘PM of the Century’?  Express your point of view...”
- In your opinion, is Free Trade good for Canada or bad for Canada?
- Why do you think Mulroney wanted to open up the constitution once again?
- How do you feel about the phrase “distinct society” as it applies to Quebec?
- How did the end of the cold war change Canada’s foreign relations policy?
- Did the end of the cold war change Canada’s role as a peacekeeper?

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